Over 15 years of experience.

Failing to effectively manage these factors will result in unnecessarily high costs and an increase in avoidable risk. It’s no wonder so many companies with fleets of vehicles are frustrated or confused about how to maintain DOT compliance. Carrier Safety Services Consultants finds potential risk and then helps you eliminate it so you can sleep better knowing you’re in compliance.

DOT and MTO Compliance Services

Start with a mock audit. Find out what could be found in a real audit so we know where to start.

Complete Safety Program Management

Experts help you implement custom MTO/ DOT programs every step of the way and monitor results.

Guaranteed Results

If your DOT/MTO/ FMCSA Safety Rating is downgraded while fully implementing our program, we’ll fix it at no additional charge to you.


Are you ready to take the challenge?

Businesses with fleets of vehicles have a tough time maintaining compliance with everchanging MTO/ DOT guidelines which exposes them to massive risk. CSS uses a team of regulatory experts with years of experience in Transportation Industry to help you discover what’s wrong before it’s too late.

Comprehensive DOT Compliance Review

The comprehensive DOT compliance review offers an accurate assessment of your compliance posture as well as actionable advice for improvement. You have access to experts who are trained to understand the complex regulations that affect your fleet.

Companies that need 100% clarity to current exposure

Due diligence during an ownership change

Preparation for a real compliance review

On-Site Training

You have access to on-site training for employees and/or supervisors that are designed to help you maintain compliance and improve your operations. Our master trainers can provide big advantages for larger fleets by offering some training to supervisors, certifying them to train staff themselves.

Defensive Driving Training

Load Securement

Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing Requirements

Roadside Inspections

Vehicle Maintenance Files

Drug & Alcohol, Driver Handbook, and Policy Review/Rewrite

Pre & Post Trip Inspection

Hours of Service

Fleet Safety Managed Services Program

Our managed services program provides you with actionable advice and resources developed by experts in safety and compliance. Ongoing support helps you address safety issues specific to your operation and gives you the insights and tools you need to deal with complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Dedicated Account Management

Document and Registration Services

Access to Expert Resources

Hours of Service Auditing

Driver Qualification File Maintenance

Drug and Alcohol Program Oversight

Maintenance File Reviews

Roadside Inspection & Accident Reviews

Online Driver Management Tools

Enhanced Consultative Services Program

Everything provided in our managed services program, with added consultative support and resources for businesses with urgent compliance needs.

Companies who need extra consultative support

Companies that need to raise safety ratings fast

Companies dealing with urgent safety issues

Companies looking to overhaul their existing compliance stature

Companies wanting on-site implementation

Companies who aren’t in the trucking business but, need trucks to do their business

DOT Audit Management, Fine Negotiation, and Ratings Upgrades

The staff of CSS can review your FMCSA / DOT audit prior to a rating being issued to ensure that only valid violations are recorded. Our staff is also available to manage your FMCSA / DOT audit and interface with the FMCSA investigators during the auditing process to help mitigate the negative impact of an FMCSA / DOT compliance review.

Companies currently under compliance review

Companies who need to develop a safety management plan and increase their safety rating

Companies that have been fined

How it Works


Mock Compliance Audit

Thorough evaluations by experts find problems before investigators do.

Review Improvement Plan

Address any problems uncovered with a strategic plan.

Implement Processes & Procedures

CSS will take the guess work out of what changes need to be implemented.

Peace Of Mind From Reduced Risk

Stop guessing whether you’re in compliance and be confident in your efforts.

Certifications & Permits



• MC Number
• UCR Registration
• New York Permit
• New Mexico Permit
• Kentucky Permit
• Oregon Permit


• IRP Plates
• Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration








You are not alone.

Maintaining compliance when you have a fleet is tough. Most businesses struggle to keep up to date with constantly changing DOT compliance requirements. The result is an increased risk of consequences, litigation, or lost revenue due to a shutdown. National Transportation Consultants helps you identify your problems, fix them, and manage DOT compliance with all the tools you need to eliminate risk in your business. With CSS you’ll never feel alone. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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About me

Mohit Bhown

As a skilled professional who specializes in overseeing Safety / Regulatory compliance and enforcement, With proven skills in facility audits, investigations, and safety analyses—as well as a deep understanding and knowledge of MTO/ DOT regulations. I excel at sustaining accident- and hazard-free environments and training and motivating staff for optimal regulatory compliance. With my comprehensive experience directing safety and compliance—along with my finely honed organizational and staff training abilities. I am prepared to extend my record of successful safety management.

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Listen to what experts say

  • I had the pleasure of working together with Mohit Bhown for over a year. Mohit Bhown is someone who takes immense amount of pride in his team. He leads by example and goes the extra mile to ensure his team needs are met. I can speak to this, as at the core of our relationship was trust. His experience and education speak volumes through his professional demeanour, in his ability to care about the quality of his work and in the safety of his team. I would highly recommend Mohit Bhown.
    Ravinder Kohli, CIFFA
    Manager Recruiting and Training at Morrice Transportation
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Mohit over the previous years. He is talented and well skilled in his field.
    Mark Feasby
    Vice President of Administration at Triton Canada
  • I'm proud to say that Mohit is a "Transportation Safety Professional." I have known Mohit for several years now and he has always demonstrated his safety and compliance knowledge. I've also witnessed that he is a great leader as well. I've also witnessed that he is a great leader as well.
    Chris Harris
    Keeping it Safety Dawg Simple
  • Mohit is professional and very knowledgeable. Mohit’s skill set will help any employer who is looking to continuously get better.
    Wes Digmann
    Vice President at Cottingham & Butler
  • I meet Mohit 10 years ago. I was consulting and was asked to assist the company Mohit was employed by. During my work their, Mohit took in all the information I had to offer and kept in touch over the years to verify or ask the important questions. His knowledge of the industry is great and cares for the drivers and Safety. His resume speaks for itself.
    Safety Compliance Manager
  • Mohit is the consummate professional and is dedicated to the well being and success of those he deals with. His 'easy to approach and talk to' demeanor has always been his strong point. The knowledge and expertise of Mr. Bhown is almost without comparison. Highly skilled and functions at an impressive level. It has been my very distinct pleasure to have known Mohit and worked with him over the last number of years. I consider myself lucky to be associated with him.
    Greg St. Croix
    I am on the hunt for what I've not yet experienced....it is an exciting jourmey
  • Mohit is an outstanding business partner and an even better communicator. He oversaw a large commercial interstate and international venture working with hundreds of employees while implementing continuous leaning, auditing of performance and a commitment to safety. He was always collegial, efficient, organized and thorough. He also assisted with significant litigation support.
    John Eads
    Partner, Wilson,Elser,Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker,LP
  • Joseph Swift Lawyer, St Louis, Missouri, United States Mohit has a deep understanding of the FMCSA regulations.
  • I have worked with Mohit, and have known him for more than 10 years. He has consistently displayed a strong and detailed knowledge of Safety and Compliance issues, and demonstrated diligence and thoroughness. More than that, he has shown over and over again the determination to do things right, and to ensure that highest standards of performance are followed. The transportation industry is safer because of his efforts.
    David Gaskin
    President, Sirius Fleet Safety Ltd.
  • I would highly recommend Mohit Bhown. Understanding what a professional driver needs is paramount! Mohit defines this clearly in his personality which reflects to those around him!
    Vickie DeVos
    CEO/President at iMVR
  • Mohit is extremely hard working and a true professional committed to his work, highly recommended
    Gurbir Bahia CCLP
    Director at Traffix
  • Excellent Service
    Ishant Pajni
    Director of Operations at Ribs Transport Inc
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Mohit in the past. He is very professional, kind, easily approachable and extremely detail orientated. He has a dedication to his profession that is hard to find in this day and age. Mohit is honest, extremely trust worthy - and I truly am a better person having met him. Even though we have not worked together for 7 years- I know that I can reach out to him if I need anything. Any company or person would benefit immensely from his services. Highly recommend Mohit.
    Lisa Oliveira, CDS
    Safety and Compliance Director at Connell Transport International Inc
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Mohit on several implementation projects over the past 5 years. During this time, Mohit led teams of individuals within the trucking industry to support the installation, setup and use of transportation management systems. Although his area of expertise was within safety and compliance, his work ethic to ensure that the large scope of the projects were being done correctly, with processes in place, was admirable. Mohit is a team player, coach, leader and listener who is greatly valued in all the work we have done. As a Customer Relations Manager, I can attest to his values and appreciate the time he invests into his work. Mohit would be an excellent asset to any team within this industry. 
    Sarah Miller
    Experienced Customer Relations, Training and On-Boarding Manager (TransPlus)


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